Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elmo and Katy Perry in Sesame Street Sex Scandal...Sorta.

First sweet little Hanna Montana get's all PG-13 on us, now my little son's beloved Elmo is embroiled in a kiddie TV sex sensation.

It appears that Katy Perry's recent skit with Elmo taped for an upcoming episode of Sesame Street featuring Perry in a low cut dress and Elmo dancing around her waistline was a bit too much for many parents who complained enough about the YouTube clip, that they have decided not to air the skit on tv.

I certainly think her outfit is a little inappropriate for kids tv, but on the flip side, I gotta look at Sesame Street when my kids do, so I ain't exactly one of the complaining parents here...

But what do you think:

Is this video too risque for kids tv?
Or is this just another network overreaction?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How NOT To Make a Short Film w/ Roberta Munroe - TONIGHT!

On the next Double Down Film Show, we’ll be having a candid chat with former Sundance Programmer and author of the popular film book, How NOT to Make a Short Film, Roberta Munroe.

A long-time short filmmaker herself, Roberta spent many years programming the shorts selections for Sundance and other notable film festivals. On the job she gained many unique and valuable insights into the festival submission process from both sides of the application (many of which she shares in her book and seminar series of the same name).

  • What are the advantages of shooting a short before your feature?

  • What goes on behind the scenes of programming a film festival?

  • What impact does individual cultural perspective have on festival judging?

  • How can you increase your 1% chance of getting into Sundance?

  • How can your choice of music impact your distribution potential?

  • How should you NOT make a short film?

All of this insider festival info and more candid career wisdom will be revealed on the very next Double Down Film Show with special guest, Roberta Munroe. If you’re tired of getting film festival rejection letters, then this is the show for you.

A Video Promo for Roberta's Book:

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It Now Costs $300 to Get a Film Permit in NYC

So we were a bit slow over the summer but I thought this bit of news, which was announced in June, is worth mentioning. In case you have not heard, the Mayor's Office of Film & TV has instated a $300 application fee for permits to shoot within the City. There are some rules and exceptions.

The Basic Breakdown:

Permit Required:
$300 application fee applies.

- Equipment or vehicles are used or the person filming asserts exclusive use of City property.

- Insurance is required for this permit.


Permit Not Required:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.

- Hand-held cameras or tripods are used and the person filming does not assert exclusive use of City property.


Optional Permit:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.

- Handheld equipment only. Permit does not include special parking privileges.

- Insurance is not required for this permit.

For more info on this go to the article here. Or just check out the MOFTV website- they have good resources and opportunities listed there!