Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Film Festival Show on the Next Double Down Film Show

Making a film is only the beginning of the story. After the film, comes the film festivals. Getting people to actually SEE and RECOGNIZE your film is the next big challenge. On the next Double Down Film Show, we’re going behind the scenes to talk candidly with Karina Rotenstein, Programming Manager at HOT DOCS in Toronto and Leslie Vanderpool, Founder & Executive Director of the BAHAMAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, to get the inside scoop on the best filmmaker practices for festival success. From applications to promotions, we’ll break down the most important things to keep in mind when applying, screening or attending film festivals.

The Double Down Film Show...Filmmaking Reality Starts Here.

Date / Time: Wednesday March 18 - 9pm-10pm

Call-in Number: (646) 929-1956

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