Monday, March 21, 2011

The Freelance Video Show - Special Keynote Episode

On the next Double Down Film Show we’ll be serving up another one of our special keynote addresses. This episode is entitled The Freelance Video Show. We’re all filmmakers, but let’s be real - narrative and documentary filmmaking rarely pays the bills - shooting videos for hire DOES.

Co-hosts and award-winning filmmakers, Anthony Q. Artis (author of “The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide”) and Pete Chatmon (Director of “Premium”) will break down a laundry list of best practices, do’s and don’ts and insights into all the inside knowledge they’ve only learned the hard way - through years of successfully producing marketing videos, promos, commercials, concert shoots, music videos and many other video projects for hire.

· Where and how can you best land NEW clients?

· How can freelance production further your FILMMAKING career?

· How is freelance video very DIFFERENT than personal filmmaking?

· When and how should you collect the MONEY?

· What should you ‘TRAIN” your clients to do?

We’ll answer all these questions and more on the next Double Down Film Show. Real issues. Real knowledge. Real Practical. By filmmakers for filmmakers. Every Wednesday at 9pm the back door to film school is open once again.

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Two New Docs on the Infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

HBO is premiering a new doc on the historic Triangle Shirtwaist Fire that sparked the modern Labor Movement. I was very struck with this story when I first read it in a third or fourth grade history book. You learn a hundred little lessons along the way, but this story always stuck with me. And now some 30+ years later I work a block away from this very building, so the story has even more personal resonance.

The American Experience series on PBS just did a an excellent hour show (The entire epiosode, plus extras is available free online - see below) on the same topic a month ago, so I'm curious to see how HBO's treatment will stack up.

I knew about the fire, but I really had no clue how rough and tumble life was in this very area a century ago...We've got nothing to complain about on any job compared to what these women and girls endured long before the fire even struck.

Watch the full episode. See more American Experience.