Monday, February 12, 2007

The Best of Sundance

Sundance 2007 is over, but now the best part of the festival is online. The organizers of the festival have made available a huge trove of material that should be helpful for any filmmaker.

Included on the site are short interviews with many of the filmmakers who screened work at the festival, explaining their filmmaking process.

Another great feature on the site is the inclusion of over 40 of the short films exhibited at Sundance, shown in their entirety along with a contact list and full credits.

One particularly good short is "Motodrom" - directed by Joerge Wagner - which won an honorable mention award for short films at the festival.

Also available at this post-fest roundup is a interesting collection of trailers from the last 25 years of Sundance, starting back when it used to be called "The United States Festival."(!)

Check it out!