Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Down and Dirty DV Podcast Goes Worldwide Live

The Down and Dirty DV Podcast is officially live and available to the free world. The podcast, like this blog is all about low-budget digital filmmaking. The podcast episodes will randomly alternate between enhanced audio and video podcasts.

Episode #1 - Choosing A Camera
In Episode #1 I break down how to choose a camera for purchase or rental. Specifically, how to choose a prosumer DVcamera in the $2,000-$10,000 range. Episode 1 covers the key considerations to look for in a DV camera for guerrilla shooting. (Run Time: 20mins.) Episode 2 is actually Part 2 of the same topic where I cover secondary camera features that you also want to consider when choosing a camera. Episode 2 will be posting in the next week or sooner, as I just need to polish up some things.

Enhanced for Your Guerrilla Pleasure
Episode 1 is enhanced audio. If you view it via an iPod or iTunes on your computer, you will also see pictures and links to some of the topics at hand. The links will generally be to articles or websites where you can get additional info, see reviews or purchase the product being discussed.

How to Subscribe to the Podcast
  • Easy Method 1 - Pod Catcher
    Cut and paste this address: into a "podcatcher" such as iTunes or iPodder or any of the ones on this podcatching software list . (*On the iTunes menu bar go to Advanced - Subscribe to Podcast, paste the feed URL in and click "OK".)

  • Easy Method 2 - iTunes Music Store
    Search for "Down and Dirty DV" or me "Anthony Artis" in the iTunes Music Store. When you locate the podcast on iTunes hit the silver "SUBSCRIBE" button to add to your iTunes podcast library.
Once you subscribe, you will automatically receive new podcasts everytime we drop one. Subscriptions are totally free and can be cancelled at anytime, so you've got nothing to lose

Direct Download
Don't want to or can't figure out how to subscribe? Download the MPEG-4 (.m4a) file directly here: Enhanced Audio/Photo Version or MP3 Audio Version.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these first two episodes and get something out of them. Please holla back at a brotha and let me know if you find these podcasts helpful. If you have constructive suggestions for how I can improve upon this broadcast, please feel free to share them.