Friday, March 12, 2010

IFP Script to Screen Conference 2010!

Here for another year, the IFP Script to Screen Conference is here to address your needs!

March 20th & 21st

Directly connecting aspiring and working screenwriters, filmmakers and producers to the decision-makers of the film, television and new media business, the Conference features some of the most prolific industry innovators and iconic screenwriters in independent film today.

This is a really really great o
pportunity for all the screenwriters out there that dont know where to go next.

And it is not just for screenwriters! There are conferences about
producing, developing and about the status of the media today. For anyone interested in making films, there are opportunities and seminars for you!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

R.I.P. Actor, Corey Haim, age 38

Just want to send love and support out to the friends and family of actor Corey Haim. I really enjoyed his work in Lost Boys and he seemed to be a pretty down to earth guy in the interviews I've seen of him.

I can't adequately express how disturbed I am at this seemingly never-ending trend of young talented people in the entertainment industry overdosing, committing suicide or otherwise self-destructing at such an early age. It's truly sad from Heath Ledger to Michael Jackson to Britney Murphy and there are more to come no doubt.

Just like freedom, fame and success, do not come without some long strings attached. Every showbiz dream has a price. And unfortunately, not enough people carefully weigh that price or adequately realize and think through the sheer amount of pressure and head games that this industry can play on you.

I give a seminar entitled, How to Learn, Break In, and Rise Up in Showbiz where I specifically address some of the issues that come along with entertainment "success". The truth is that the trappings of success can screw up your head moreso than failure. As filmmakers and actors we need to be better educated about exactly what it is we are getting ourselves into and how to stave off some of the common issues and conflicts that come with showbiz success.

Here's some of the advice on the subject that I will be dispensing at Indie Film Boot Camp on March 27th. I believe every person entering this business needs to ponder and carefully reflect on this question from day one...

What are YOU willing to do to fulfill your showbiz dreams?

Before you answer, listen to this...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Director Darnell Martin on the Next Double Down Film Show!

On the next episode of Double Down Film Show we’ll discuss the craft of directing with Writer/Director, Darnell Martin.

Darnell is a D.P. turned director who started out as an A.C. with Spike Lee’s outfit, 40 Acres and a Mule, before launching her own successful directing career. Apart from her most notable films, I Like It Like That and Cadillac Records, Darnell has established a reputation as a skilled and efficient director of more than a decade of hit tv shows including Law and Order, Homicide, Oz, Saved, and dozens more.

  • What does she always try to do on the first day of production?
  • How well did film school prepare her for Hollywood?
  • What’s the different about being a Black female in Hollywood?
  • What the hardest part of television directing?
  • How has motherhood affected her directing?

Find out on the next Double Down Film Show. Plus, we’ll be announcing the prize winner’s for this week’s raffle for early registrants of Indie Film Boot Camp. Join us for another session of film school through the back door.

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Iron Man 2 - Kick Ass Trailer

After a long cold-ass winter of snow and cabin-fever, I'm ready for the joys of Summer which of course include Summer blockbusters. Contrary to popular film school belief there's absolutely nothing wrong with watching (or creating) a movie that does nothing more than entertain and titillate.

Hell, after a hard and stressful week of grinding work and real-life problems, I actually consider popcorn films to be a public service!

Robert Downey, Jr. vs. Mickey Rourke. I love it! I will definitely be at this one come May. Enjoy...

Sunday, March 7, 2010 Wants You!

You know, I am always online looking for jobs in film. I need one. A lot of you out there probably need one too. On almost a daily basis, this post comes up on CraigsList, calling indie filmmakers to make short "How-To" videos to be posted online. If any of you want to check it out, it might bring in some extra cash.