Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Equipment Rental Stategies and Red Camera Redux - Tonight on The Double Down Film Show!

On tonight’s Double Down Film Show it’s another double-header of free film education. First up is Mike Nichols Rental Coordinator from Abel Cine Tech, one of the premiere camera rental houses in NYC.

We’ll be discussing everything you ever wanted to know about renting film equipment- rental requirements, what’s new and hot on the shelf, how to get the best deal, and more! We’ll also share our tips for preparing for the common issues that come up with vehicle rentals that we’ve only learned through painful experience.

Next on deck will be David Ford from Gotham Digital, the video division of Gotham Sound, one of the most popular sound rental houses in New York City. David’s gonna help us continue last week’s dialogue about the revolutionary new 4K Red Camera. He’ll give a crash course intro to all things Red and see if we can get a little more perspective on the controversy and confusion surrounding the Red’s unique and challenging post-production workflow.

The back door to film school is now open…listen and learn.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Great Doc About Docs

As I blog this I'm engrossed in a great documentary airing on The Documentary Channel...about making documentaries of all things. It's entitled Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary (2008) and it's totally got me jonesing to go out and shoot a new doc right now. If you are stuck on a doc project and need some motivation or inspiration to get it going again, you should definitely give it a peep.

It's a series of interviews with a dozen or so of the most influential doc makers on the planet including Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, Jennifer Fox, Albert Maysles, and many many more. It's a great little slice f film school and inspiration as these world class docmakers share everything about their approach from how they use the camera, to developing relationships with subjects, to how they use sound.

I don't see it listed as airing again until Saturday morning, June 6, but this one's worth owning of you are a serious docmaker. It's the kind of flick I can see watching a few times a year to refocus and reignite my film passion. (American Movie is the other doc that does that for me in a weird sort of way.)

Anyway, peep it out and let me know your thoughts. I've gotta go bang out some treatments now! My head is exploding with ideas