Monday, October 4, 2010

A Sturdier Portable D.I.Y. Reflector

One of the great things I love about teaching is that students are always teaching ME things too and keeping me up on what's going on in the Down and Dirty filmmaking streets...Case in point this cool new-fangled design for a DIY reflector at

In the Sight and Sound Documentary curriculum at N.Y.U. I teach a lesson on mastering the use of sunlight and mixed lighting sources that ends with students creating their own "ghetto-flectors" tm , which are DIY reflectors of cardboard, paper and aluminum foil.

My non-stop mantra to my students comes from a bit of Forrest Gump wisdom...

"A tool is as a tool does."

...and that is especially easy to apply to reflectors. What's cool about this new design is that it seems particularly portable and sturdier than others I've seen and experimented with. Shout out to Mohammad T. for the tip, which I can now share with all of you.

See how that works?...I teach them, they teach me, I teach you, you share it with your peeps and our guerrilla knowledge grows!