Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spooky D.I.Y. Bullet Holes

Halloween's always been my hands down favorite holiday. It's the only one that's pure fun. No required gatherings, no gifts to buy or return, no long ceremonies...just people of all all ages dressed up and having (mostly) innocent fun.

When I was 9 my father bought me a deluxe special FX makeup kit which introduced me to the wonderful world of liquid latex special effects. I didn't have much patience or money for liquid latex to use in the various scar and bullet hole molds that came with the set, so I began to experiment with ways to make realistic wounds faster, cheaper and better.

As promised just (barely) in time for Halloween...I'm giving away my personal recipe for creating really cheap, easy and realistic bullet hole FX.

This is an early sneak preview from the upcoming narrative filmmaking book, "The Down and Dirty DV Filmmaking Guide", dropping from Focal Press next winter. Enjoy...
Click HERE to download the secret recipe as a .pdf file (20MB)

...With a little modification, pretty much this same technique can be used to create all kinds of realistic looking wounds...gashes, cuts, open sores, flesh wounds, deep scrapes, festering boils, warts, vampire bites, werewolf wounds, and mongoose scratches...that's all I can think of at the moment, but you can break out the liquid latex and make-up and use your own imagination.

Happy Halloween everybody!

-Spooky Ant.