Friday, June 13, 2008

Cool Tools - Helmet Cam

I've been meaning to write about a couple of new digital tools that have caught my eye out there over the last few weeks. Here's the first of several I will mention...

As someone who shot his first video projects on a 50 lb. 3/4" video tape decks (the camera was separate and only weighed 25lbs!)- I am constantly amazed and amused at the rate that new affordable and revolutionary media tools are being rolled out. So I thought I'd write about some recent tools (and toys- let's be honest) that digital guerrillas may find useful or at least cool and amusing. First up...

VholdR Wearable Cam (MicroSD card)

The VholdR (vee-holder) is a little standard def solid state wearable camera best suited for the sports and stunt video hobbyist. With this little baby you can shoot any number of creative POV sports and chase sequences or get other experimental POV shots. Just think of a place to stick it and let your imagination fly.

One of the big challenges of shooting documentary and reality stories in particular is finding a way to show your audience the story as opposed to just telling them with words. And one of the most powerful ways of showing an audience is the POV shot. According to manufacturer Twenty20:
"VholdR mounts to nearly anything, from helmets to handlebars, roll cages to bull horns. It captures TV quality audio and video to a MicroSD card, and it's abuse proof. No tapes, no cables, no kidding."
I wouldn't risk a DVX-100 on the handle bars of my buddie's bike, but that's exactly this little $350.00 video tool was meant to do- be a poor man's stunt cam. Here's some dirtbike footage shot with the VholdR.

Manufacturer's Specs:
  • Video size pixels (lines):640x480 (480 lines)
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • File Type: mpeg4
  • Video rate: 50min/GB
  • Avg. battery life: 2 hours

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to Learn, Break In and Rise Up in the Film and TV Industry

Over the past few months I've been slowly hitting the speaking circuit as my schedule allows. Next week I will be rolling out a brand-new seminar for aspiring filmmakers here in NYC:

How to Learn, Break In and Rise Up in the Film and TV Industry
presented by Anthony Q. Artis, D.V.P.

Wednesday, June 18, 11:00am-1:00pm

B&H Superstore - Event Space
420 9th Ave., NY, NY 10001
(map & directions)

This is a special treat, because this is an all new one-of-kind seminar to help new and aspiring filmmakers breakthrough, jump start and manage a career in film and tv. And this very first time only I will be presenting the entire seminar to the public totally for FREE at The B&H Superstore in NYC.

(Not unlike a comedian, I like to try out new material on a smaller local audience, before adding it to my main paid seminar roster. So this is a one time only chance to see this new presentation for free. The next time it's offered it will be for a fee or if I ever give it again for free, it will only be a limited part of this full presentation. )

Here's a detailed description from B&H website:

How to Learn, Break In and Rise Up in the Film and TV Industry

Anthony Artis, the author of the new "Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide" and host of The Down and Dirty DV podcast and blog, will deliver an inspirational real-world overview of what it takes to break into the film and TV industry. Anthony will cover a wide range of topics, including learning the filmmaking process, film school vs. self-teaching, specific film job resources for NYC, making the most out of your first job or internship, recommended reading, Los Angeles vs. New York, working in an industry office and overviews of common tracks to directing, writing, editing and producing films and TV.

If you’ve recently graduated from film school, or are looking to make a career transition, then this seminar is the perfect introduction into the world of film and TV. Following Anthony’s seminar will be a Q&A session as well as book signing.

I hope to see you all there!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shut Up and Shoot Goes #1 on

It's now official, the little underground film book that could is now loose in the world and running with the big dogs...The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide has gone to #1 on Amazon in the Amateur Production category.

This ranking changes by the hour, but the book has hit #1 regularly lately. Eventhough rankings fluctuate by the hour, the book has consistenly been at the top of the list for Amateur Production, Technical, and Television and Video categories.

When I began this project, many people looked at me like I was crazy...I was, but I was also on to something and I knew it, eventhough not everyone around me could see it. another lesson in the power of faith and persistence, people.

You can get the book from Amazon or a signed copy direct from me if you want to support the guy that actually wrote it (with a 20% discount and extra bonus materials of course).

Thanks to everyone for making this book #1!