Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Interactive DSLR Camera Guide

My good friends at B&H have taken the time to create a cool little interactive guide to video-capable HDSLR (High Definition Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. HDSLR is the hottest new thing on the indie film scene, but there is a lot to understand before you drop $2000+ and dive-in.

Everyone seems to be rushing out to get these affordable new cameras, but the HDSLR format and shooting style definitely has some major disadvantages and some unique benefits depending on genre, budget and crew experience/size.

Check out B&H's advice and save yourself some heartache and headaches BEFORE you dive all the way in.

Hollywood's New Kid on the Block This Wednesday Night!

After taking a week off, The Double Down Film Show is back this Wednesday, November 3rd with our special guest Writer/Director, Dan Schechter, whose next project is The Switch.

Dan is adapting the screenplay based on the popular Elmore Leonard novel. The Switch is actually a prequel to Quentin Tarantino’s, Jackie Brown, following the characters that were played by Sam Jackson and Robert DeNiro, but twenty years prior to the original story.

· How can writing parlay you into the DIRECTOR’S chair?
· What are the PROS AND CONS of casting big name talent?
· What are the challenges of writing for OTHER ethnicities?
· What are the most important keys to your ULTIMATE success?
· How can a big budget fall through DESPITE big names being attached?

Listen as we drill Hollywood’s new kid on the block, Dan Schechter, for the inside dope on all these questions and more.

***PLUS! – We’re gonna rap with friend of the show, D.P., Cliff Charles, about cinematography and his brand-new Master Class for aspiring D.P.’s.

Your favorite underground film class is back in session with more real talk about everything they don’t cover in film schools and books every Wednesday night.

Big Bad Swim Trailer

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