Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guerilla Reflections on Sundance - Part 3: Meet the Podcasters

I know it’s been 2 weeks since the last blog entry, but seeing how the last entry was so ridiculously long, I figured you'd read it in 2 parts. I’ve been busy cooking up some new stuff for you in the Down and Dirty DV guerilla kitchen. Be patient while I hook up a few more of the side dishes. In a few more weeks I’m gonna drop the full soul food meal that is Down and Dirty DV on y’all.
In the mean time, here’s an appetizer to hold you over…

I finally found the time to put together some crude video clips of my conversation with Sundance Podcast Panelists,
Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, the filmmaking team behind Four-Eyed Monsters. And I also have some short clips of my interview with Soccergirl a.k.a. Anni Rudegair who has been described as the female Howard Stern of podcasting. All three are pioneering video artists in the digital frontier of podcasting and have some valuable things to share about the power of the medium, self-promotion, and building an audience. Listen and learn…

Susan Buice & Arin Crumley

"Soccergirl" Anni Rudegair

More of these interviews will appear on the soon-to-be-released Down and Dirty DV Vol. 1: Documentaries DVD.
That’s all for now. ‘Til next time.

Peace, love and video, Baby. I’m out.