Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back-to-School Guerrilla Fashion Statements

Here's another perfect example of using guerrilla creativity to great end friend and all around film/video tech guy, Sean Charlesworth, has just put out an exclusive line of jewelry aimed at film and photo enthusiasts.

Not only are these funky well-made boutique-quality pieces, but they are completely unique in that they are fashioned from various film cameras (many which are no longer made) and other pieces of used film and photo-related equipment such as gears and springs.

Troll the streets of Soho all-day if you want, but you I don't think you'll find this funky fashion statement anywhere except Sean's online shop, SprocketHoles. And if you do by some miracle find something like it in the trendy part of town, it definitely won't be at the same reasonable prices given the rarity of some of these parts and the amount of labor that Sean puts into each piece.

I think it's the perfect and unique gift for the fashionable film and photo enthusiasts in your life. (I'm even having a piece commissioned, but won't say what, so nobody can bite my style, before I get a chance to rock it!)

And the perfect compliment to your new Arri film camera earrings of course is one of our very popular Crackhead/Crowbar Hoodies and T-Shirts to remind your crew to be to keep their eyes on valuable film equipment when location shooting. Both now on sale for $5.00 off the regular price!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lusting for the Nikon D90...Mmmmm HD

Here's a revolutionary and very promising development for Down and Dirty filmmakers with an HD jones and a low budget...a digital Nikon S.L.R. camera that that takes 12.3 megapixel stills that can also record 1024 x 720 24P HD video all for only $1000.00...Let me just let that part sink in for a minute.

There. Got it? Oh and did I mention that it has an interchangable lens? Well, it does. Which means for a fraction of the cost, you can use fish-eye, telephoto, macro or any other 35mm prime lens to shoot crisp clean HD video.

Before I get you all worked up into a red hot HD frenzy, I should point out that it won't replace a video camcorder. However, it sure as hell will supplement one and make for a much lower cost alternative to get some creative shots in with a small camera that you might not otherwise be able to physically (or financially) pull off. And obviously, as an S.L.R. still camera, it has audio and memory limitations.

(photo: David Pogue for NY Times)

But make no mistake about it. This is the first attack in a new front in the DV Rebellion. The technology keeps making the impossible more feasible. Sequences and shots that cost $100,000 yesterday, can be pulled off with a laptop and a prosumer camera today. It's a good time to be a Down and Dirty filmmaker. "Impossible" in the world of DV these days is an ever-moving line.

Peep out David Pogue's NY Times article on the new Nikon D90.