Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lusting for the Nikon D90...Mmmmm HD

Here's a revolutionary and very promising development for Down and Dirty filmmakers with an HD jones and a low budget...a digital Nikon S.L.R. camera that that takes 12.3 megapixel stills that can also record 1024 x 720 24P HD video all for only $1000.00...Let me just let that part sink in for a minute.

There. Got it? Oh and did I mention that it has an interchangable lens? Well, it does. Which means for a fraction of the cost, you can use fish-eye, telephoto, macro or any other 35mm prime lens to shoot crisp clean HD video.

Before I get you all worked up into a red hot HD frenzy, I should point out that it won't replace a video camcorder. However, it sure as hell will supplement one and make for a much lower cost alternative to get some creative shots in with a small camera that you might not otherwise be able to physically (or financially) pull off. And obviously, as an S.L.R. still camera, it has audio and memory limitations.

(photo: David Pogue for NY Times)

But make no mistake about it. This is the first attack in a new front in the DV Rebellion. The technology keeps making the impossible more feasible. Sequences and shots that cost $100,000 yesterday, can be pulled off with a laptop and a prosumer camera today. It's a good time to be a Down and Dirty filmmaker. "Impossible" in the world of DV these days is an ever-moving line.

Peep out David Pogue's NY Times article on the new Nikon D90.

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