Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spike Lee on Blaxploitation Films and Telling African American Stories

Just thought I'd share a quick blog post from That Black Girl's Site about a recent appearance by Spike Lee at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference. Spike shares his views on the current state of cinema depicting Black people and the difficulties of funding Black films.

Read it HERE.

Thanx to Kia M. Neal for the tip.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoe Saldana, Uhura from "Star Trek", on the Next Double Down Film Show

It’s all about acting on the next episode of the Double Down Film Show as we feature an exclusive and candid interview with actress Zoe Saldana who stars as Uhura in the new Star Trek film – currently #1 at the box office.

In just a few short years with no formal training, Zoe has gone from Double Down co-host Pete Chatmon’s indie hit, Premium, to starring in some of the hottest blockbusters out there including Pirates of the Carribean, Star Trek, and James Cameron’s much anticipated $200 million 3-D epic, Avatar.

How did this one-time ballerina cross-over from up-and-coming indies to mega-budget hits? What were the challenges and rewards of working on a huge franchise film like Star Trek? And more importantly, how can you land the next rising star in your film as a filmmaker? The answers to all these questions, plus Zoe’s candid advice for aspiring actors, will all be revealed on the show.

And on top of Zoe’s words of wisdom, we’ll open up the phone lines and chat room to take your questions about training, auditioning, and the craft of acting with professional casting director/ acting coach, Tracey Moore, who has coached the likes of Ludacris, Missy Elliot, and Busta Rhymes just to name a few. (Her book is called "The Spirited Actor: Principles for a Successful Audition")

Listen in and double down on your filmmaking career. It ain’t for fans, it’s for filmmakers.

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