Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ipod Recorders & DIY Boom Poles

I was gonna leave this as a response to a comment from Joseph on the last post, but I had some issues posting links in the comments box and I figured other people might also be looking for this info.

So, if you too are looking for a low cost solution to for a Digital Recorder or a DIY Boom Pole peep the below:


I have an attachment that connects to my video iPod that records CD quality (44.1KHz, 16-bit stereo) audio and has a connection for an external mic. I use it as is for my podcast and I've been very happy with the recording quality.

Check it out here:

Belkin Tunetalk Stereo

There's also this one, which I'm not familiar with, but it got a good review as well:

Xtreme Mac Micro Memo

Apart from these, just sniff around the web for digital recorders, if you're looking for a stand-alone recorder.


As for DIY boom poles, there are a bunch of different designs online. Peep these and scour the net and filmmaking forums for more:

Neil Slade's Design

Wiremonkey's Boom Pole

Number 28 Boom Pole

DV User Forum Post

Indy Mogul Video Podcast Tutorial

Happy guerrilla filmmaking.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yo Where's Ant-ny Been?

After a long summer hiatus I am kicking the blog and podcast back into full gear for the Fall. I know some of you are mad at me for such a looong unannounced absence, but when you see what I’ve been working on morning, noon, and night for a very long time, I hope all will be forgiven.

I spent the first half of the summer finally completing the NEW Down and Dirty DV book. (And I spent the second half of the summer recovering from the effort, going on my very first trip to Europe and finally spending some quality summertime with the fam.)

I am now very excited to say that after more than 2 years of straight hustling, the first PUBLISHED Down and Dirty DV book is complete and finally ready for public consumption.

The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide weighs in at 296 full-color pages, 500+ photos and illustrations, and features a Bonus DVD that I will dare to say is the absolute best free DVD included with any film book on the market.

Basically the new book is a greatly enhanced and expanded version of the first book, Down and Dirty DV – Vol.1: Documentaries. This new book is my best attempt to break down the filmmaking process into simple, illustrated, no-nonsense step-by-step tutorials and ultra-practical real-world advice based on all the things I wish someone had told me before I began my own filmmaking journey.

It could just have easily been titled, All the Things I’ve Done Wrong in Filmmaking and How You Can Avoid Them. (And I’ve done a lot of things wrong in filmmaking over the years, so there’s much to be learned, especially if you’re just starting out.) Although it's doc-specific, most of the info in this book can be applied to narrative filmmaking as well.

Apart from my own advice the new book also features wisdom from Academy Award-winning and nominated docmakers such as Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens, Lalee’s Kin, Gimme Shelter, etc.), Sam Pollard (When the Levee’s Broke, 4 Little Girls, etc.), Adrian Belic (Genghis Blues, Beyond the Call), John Canemaker (The Moon and the Son), plus a bunch more notable and up and coming doc figures.

Anyway, if you’re down with this blog and our iTunes podcast, then you should definitely buy the book and support your favorite digital video pimp. It’ll be available in all the major book stores, but I'll have a more money to invest in the blog and podcast if you order it directly from the Down and Dirty DV website or this blog.

If you’re a filmmaker and you’re on the fence about buying this book, I just pose one question to you:

If I give you all the quality info in the blog and podcast for FREE, how much MORE quality info do you think I’ll give you if you actually PAY for it?

ANSWER: A Whole Helluva Lot More! With pictures, audio, and video.

Yes, Anthony, I’m down with Down and Dirty DV and I'm tired of talking about the movie I want to make and ready to shut up and shoot. I want to buy this book right now and finally EXECUTE the films in my head!

'Til next time y'all, Peace, Love, and Video,