Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Double Down Film Show - Live From NAB Show Floor in Las Vegas

Tonight on the Double Down Film Show I'll be giving you my report direct from the NAB Show Floor talking about some of the hottest and most note-worthy brand-spanking new tools for filmmakers that were unveiled at this year's NAB 2010 Tradeshow. The big buzz this year was all about 3D Everything and Canon's hot new DSLR Cameras.

I'll give you the first word on Panasonic's new line of cameras,
including their new single-body 3-D camera, as well as discuss DSLR production workflow issues with indie filmmaker Andrew Byrd at the B&H booth. And I'll drop the scoop on a half dozen other hot products from CANON, VARIZOOM, PANASONIC, GO PRO HERO, SONY, MATTHEWS and more!

  • What do I need in add to a DSLR for filmmaking?
  • How can you now capture 3-D HD video for under $1000?
  • What's the difference between Panasonic's and Sony's 3-D?
  • How you use an iPhone to control a camera?
  • What long lost dolly design has Matthews re-issued?
We'll answer all these questions and more on the next episode of the Double Down Film Show! Just because you can't make it out to the biggest film and tv industry trade show in the world, doesn't mean you can't "almost" be there.

Tune in to the Double Down Film Show for the exclusive access you deserve!

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NAB Show Floor Products Discussed Tonight:

Panasonic 3-D Display w/ Active Glasses

AG-3DA1 - Panasonic's New Stereoscopic 3-D Single-body Camera
(Rumored @ $20K)

Red Rock Micro's "Gun Cam"

Mathews Ed Dolly
(*Which mysteriously has been formerly called the "Red Dolly", but the rep made a point to say it was the "Ed Dolly" despite the fact the R in the word Red had been taped over and it exists as the "Red Dolly" elsewhere online. Hmmm?)

Barry Braverman author of "Video Shooter" Talks Panasonic's Newest Cameras

Red Rock Micro's - microRemote Wireless Follow Focus for DSLR Cameras (Rumored to be @ or under $1K)
-Works via an iPhone to wirelessly control focus, zoom and iris.

2 Go Pro Hero 1080 HD Video Cams in 3-D Housing
(Under $ shit)
The 3-D footage I saw on a monitor with a simple pair of passive plastic 3-D glasses from these very inexpensive cams ($300 ea.) was honestly at least as good as the 3-D I saw from Panasonic's new single-body camera. You need 2 cameras, plus housing to capture HD in 3-D.