Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rig It, Test It, Burn It, and Crash It w/ Stunt Coordinator - Roy Farfel!

This Wednesday night 9pm E.S.T. on the next action-packed episode of The Double Down Film Show we’ll explore the world of high action and falls and punches with veteran Stunt Coordinator/Driver/Performer, Roy Farfel.

Over the past 25 years Roy has helped craft and execute the action for such films as Goodfellas, Transformers, The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Jack Ass 3-D and many more major films and tv shows.

  • At what point should you BRING ON a stunt coordinator?
  • How do you BECOME a stuntman?
  • What exactly does a stunt coordinator DO?
  • How do the director and stunt coordinator WORK TOGETHER?
  • How do camera angles, audio and editing help “SELL” a stunt?

We’ll extract the answer to all these questions and more as we “rig it, test it, burn it, and crash it” with Roy Farfel on the next cliff-hanging episode of Double Down Film Show.

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