Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's a Music Video Mavericks - Double Play on the Next Double Down Film Show

This Wednesday on the 25th jam-packed episode of the Double Down Film Show we’re going to break down what it takes to create quality Music Videos on any budget.

First on deck is returning guest, Director of Photography - Cliff Charles, of The People's DP who shot When the Levees Broke as well as Pete Chatmon's new documentary 761st. Apart from collaborating with Spike Lee on several projects, Cliff has shot dozens of music videos and concerts with artists such as Mos Def, R&B singer Joe, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes and Young Jeezy. His work has been featured on HBO, MTV, BET, and on big screens everywhere. His latest venture is an educational site for cinematographers called TPDP.TV. We’ll discuss style, camera choice, crew and more!

Next on deck, is one of the hottest up and coming music video directors you’ve never heard of until now…Benjamin Ahr Harrison. Through his Brooklyn-based production company, Machine Man Inc., Ben has directed music videos by major and indie label artists such as Jake Lefco, Unconscious Logic, and two videos for artist A-Pinks that have gotten more than a million YouTube views each. His rare full package skills as a director, shooter, editor, visual FX artist, and animator have allowed him to consistently maximize production value and creativity on limited budgets.

Tune in and get another free serving of golden filmmaking advice on a silver platter.

Busta Rhymes I Got Bass Music Video
shot by Cliff Charles, directed by Vid Arroyo

Busta Rhymes-I Got Bass-Music Video Directed by: Vid Arroyo aka Cine-Style Vid [Directors Cut] from Vid Arroyo on Vimeo.

Jake Leftco Out of My Comfort Zone Video
directed by Benjamin Ahr Harrison

Comfort Zone HD from Benjamin Ahr Harrison on Vimeo.

A-Pinks' If My Hood Could Talk music video
directed by Benjamin Ahr Harrison

If My Hood Could Talk from Benjamin Ahr Harrison on Vimeo.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Developments in 3D TV and Camera Technologies

With the recent success of 3D theatrical releases, and a slew of new pictures on the way (anyone else excited for the Jim Carrey vehicle A Christmas Carol?) it's no surprise that home entertainment companies are busily developing their own 3D products. Home users can already purchase 3D TVs, like Samsung and Mitsubishi's rear projection and flat panel 3D-compatible TVs.

Unfortunately, this technology is not affordable for your everyday Joe Schmo like me. Most of these TVs require additional purchases, including the purchase of those ever-important and fashionable 3D glasses. And lets face it, if you're gonna put the money into a 3D rear-projection system, you're sure as hell gonna want enough pairs of glasses to enjoy a movie with family and friends.

For the filmmaker interested in 3D, Panasonic is developing "a professional 3D Full HD production system", whatever that is. It sounds like fancy-talk for "I can make 3D movies in HD. Look at me!" The product is still in development, and pricing is not set.

For more information, check out reviews for 3D glasses here, and breaking news on 3D developments at 3D Roundup.