Monday, November 23, 2009

Know Your Viral Videos- and how they got there!

Charlie Bit Me, David After Dentist, the Numa Numa chubby kid… these are just a couple of examples of some of the sudden stars on YouTube. We have all seen such videos and we pass them around but, how do these videos achieve this notoriety?

Well, now thanks to the “scientists” from the website Know Your Meme, we can all sit down and be enlightened on what is behind videos that become viral and other internet material that becomes famous around the globe. Interesting and witty, the members of the website pump out a video a week on any and all internet phenomena. Other than specific viral videos or web sites such as LOL Cats, but also on general internet trends and concepts.

Perhaps there is some wisdom behind these in-depth analyses, since many of us are making media meant for the web and we would just love to have it elevated to such levels of fame as Cat On Keyboard. Whether you watch these videos for their educational value or for the same reason you watched the Christian Bale rant in the first place, Know Your Meme is a great little internet gem.

For you enjoyment and education:

David After Dentist

Christian Bale Rant