Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of a First-time Feature Tonite!

TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST on The Double Down Film Show we’ll be recounting the trials and tribulations of a first time feature with Writer/Director - Rafick Khan. Rafick is a long-time listener of the show who successfully converted his Double Down Film Show knowledge into action with his debut feature entitled “Chessboxing”.

· What finally gave him the COURAGE to make a feature?
· What WORKED when he broke the rules?
· How did THIS SHOW prep him for the process?
· How did he land then lose a BIG NAME actress?
· What 3 positions did he have to FIRE AND REPLACE?

We’ll provide all those answers and more as Rafick Khan walks us through his feature journey from screenplay to film-in-the-can. Listen and learn from his first-time trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph.

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