Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Episode #71: The Film and TV State of the Union Address

Tonight Weds. - May 4th @ 9pm EST

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On the next episode of the Double Down Film Show,we’ll be giving our first ever Film and TV State of the Union Address discussing the major developments that have affected our industry in the past year from technical developments, to shifts in distribution models to production workflow... we’re gonna touch on them all and how they directly affect us as independent filmmakers.
  • How have sites like KICKSTARTER changed the game?
  • What does the proliferation of 3D mean for indies?
  • What is the future (and present) of “TV ANYWHERE”?
  • Should we close or hold tight to the THEATRICAL WINDOW?
  • How has the landscape shifted for FREELANCE video producers?

We’ll discuss the changes, challenges and many ripe opportunities in the current state of the film

and tv union and what they mean for informed and motivated indie filmmakers. Don’t let a single new challenge catch you off guard or a golden opportunity pass you by. Listen and learn about the business, craft and hustle of filmmaking every Wednesday night… by film hustlers for film hustlers. Straight up. Practical. No B.S.


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