Wednesday, March 10, 2010

R.I.P. Actor, Corey Haim, age 38

Just want to send love and support out to the friends and family of actor Corey Haim. I really enjoyed his work in Lost Boys and he seemed to be a pretty down to earth guy in the interviews I've seen of him.

I can't adequately express how disturbed I am at this seemingly never-ending trend of young talented people in the entertainment industry overdosing, committing suicide or otherwise self-destructing at such an early age. It's truly sad from Heath Ledger to Michael Jackson to Britney Murphy and there are more to come no doubt.

Just like freedom, fame and success, do not come without some long strings attached. Every showbiz dream has a price. And unfortunately, not enough people carefully weigh that price or adequately realize and think through the sheer amount of pressure and head games that this industry can play on you.

I give a seminar entitled, How to Learn, Break In, and Rise Up in Showbiz where I specifically address some of the issues that come along with entertainment "success". The truth is that the trappings of success can screw up your head moreso than failure. As filmmakers and actors we need to be better educated about exactly what it is we are getting ourselves into and how to stave off some of the common issues and conflicts that come with showbiz success.

Here's some of the advice on the subject that I will be dispensing at Indie Film Boot Camp on March 27th. I believe every person entering this business needs to ponder and carefully reflect on this question from day one...

What are YOU willing to do to fulfill your showbiz dreams?

Before you answer, listen to this...

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