Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Now Costs $300 to Get a Film Permit in NYC

So we were a bit slow over the summer but I thought this bit of news, which was announced in June, is worth mentioning. In case you have not heard, the Mayor's Office of Film & TV has instated a $300 application fee for permits to shoot within the City. There are some rules and exceptions.

The Basic Breakdown:

Permit Required:
$300 application fee applies.

- Equipment or vehicles are used or the person filming asserts exclusive use of City property.

- Insurance is required for this permit.


Permit Not Required:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.

- Hand-held cameras or tripods are used and the person filming does not assert exclusive use of City property.


Optional Permit:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.

- Handheld equipment only. Permit does not include special parking privileges.

- Insurance is not required for this permit.

For more info on this go to the article here. Or just check out the MOFTV website- they have good resources and opportunities listed there!

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