Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elmo and Katy Perry in Sesame Street Sex Scandal...Sorta.

First sweet little Hanna Montana get's all PG-13 on us, now my little son's beloved Elmo is embroiled in a kiddie TV sex sensation.

It appears that Katy Perry's recent skit with Elmo taped for an upcoming episode of Sesame Street featuring Perry in a low cut dress and Elmo dancing around her waistline was a bit too much for many parents who complained enough about the YouTube clip, that they have decided not to air the skit on tv.

I certainly think her outfit is a little inappropriate for kids tv, but on the flip side, I gotta look at Sesame Street when my kids do, so I ain't exactly one of the complaining parents here...

But what do you think:

Is this video too risque for kids tv?
Or is this just another network overreaction?

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Pretty Girl said...

OMG this is so stupid. Nothing at all inappropriate.