Monday, August 30, 2010

WIZDOM: Will Smith's Attitude

I won't lie, many years ago I used to hate on Will Smith. (Surely, I'm not the only one that originally dismissed the bubblegum rap of Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff as the corny work of two flash-in-the-pan rap hacks, am I?)

If you asked me to bet which of the rappers on the scene 20 years ago would end up being the most successful, well-balanced, savvy and end up commanding the highest paycheck of the bunch... I would have never put my money on Will Smith.

Fortunately, Will Smith always bet on himself and never believed a word that any hater uttered against him (least of all some skinny pimple-faced junior high school nerd). He never believed it was impossible to transcend his shortcomings and rise above people's low expectations of him.

How did Will do it? Like any successful person, he started with his MINDSET. Here's a great sampling of clips from throughout Will's career that show the consistency in his wisdom and attitude towards life. Listen and learn...

*Thanks to Down and Dirty DV fan, Veronica "V-Chip" Hines, for originally posting this clip on FB.

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