Thursday, August 26, 2010

Urban Media Festival Teaches You How to MONETIZE Your Media

September 3-5, 2010 - Austin, Texas

I've spoken in many places for many organizations since this little Down and Dirty DV journey began 3+ years ago- New York, Europe, NAB, The FCP Users Group, etc. , but this particular event jumping off next week in Austin, TX is one I'm really excited about speaking at. And that's because for the first time ever, I will get to talk about the marriage of my two great passions: filmmaking and the same time.

Let me be clear, I don't believe in any such thing as a [explicative deleted] "starving artist". That very notion is a horrible con that was played on many of us very early on...we somehow let the prevailing culture convince us that as film and mediamakers we must suffer and be broke and uncomfortable and actually relish in it as some noble romantic idea of being an "artist". It's one of the stupidest notions I've ever heard in my life. And for a brief while I actually believed it.

Let me get something straight, if you've paid thousands of dollars for your gear, spent even more on your formal education, toiled and struggled for hundreds of hours to learn your craft- there is nothing "noble" in being a "starving artist". That's called being a "sucker" where I'm from, particularly when we are working in a multi-billion dollar industry and plenty of other people are making money from the work we do.

We deserve and should strive to be just as prosperous as anyone else (lawyers, engineers, nurses, etc.) who worked hard to learn and master a craft. We need to get out of the "starving artist" mindset and start thinking like a "prospering artist" and look at all the many ways we can make our hard work actually pay off some of those student loans and B&H invoices.

So when my man, mastermind entrepreneur and mediamaker, Troy Nalls, called me up to speak at his "Urban Media Festival: Monetize Your Media" event , it was a no-brainer. I'm actually itching to get on the stage and share my perspective, methodologies and specific tips to help you not just make better media, but to make more money while doing so.

From self-promotion, to career moves, to money-saving guerrilla film tactics, we're gonna break it all down in intimate candid, no-holds-barred sessions where you will be free to ask us questions, see our case-studies and learn what took each of us over a decade to learn in the space of a 3-day weekend.

Listen as Troy explains the goal of Urban Media Festival...

Speakers at Urban Media Festival:

Jamaa Fanaka – Director of the Penitentiary Film Series

Maxie D. Collier – Author of The iFilm Digital Video Filmmaker’s Handbook, one of the first books on digital filmmaking

Anthony Artis – Author of “Shut Up And Shoot” Documentary Guide – The #1 Book on for Directing &Producing, and Amateur Production

Cliff McBean – Director of The DJ Screw Documentary

Urban Media Festival
September 3-5, 2010 - Austin, Texas

Get tickets ans more info HERE.

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