Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Status of "Indie"

Does it irk you too when the Big Bad Studios put a cool sounding name on a branch of their company and call their films "Independent"? This article from Filmslate Magazine.com tells a little about the history of "indie" film and how it has changed for and against the indie filmmaker.

With some inspiring bits

Independent filmmaking at this level is a balancing act between the aspirations of the filmmaker, the budget, and the reality of what will happen to the film once it’s done."

and some not so inspiring bits:

"While some mainstream Hollywood films suffer from too many executives having their say until the script is watered down, independent films may suffer from not having any oversight whatsoever. The story will wander, and scenes will be too wordy and go on longer than they should."
this article
provides some nice bits of truth as told by a fellow indie.

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