Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 Things Filmmakers Should Never Do- On The Next Double Down Film Show!

On the next Double Down Film Show co-hosts Anthony Q. Artis and Pete Chatmon will be running down their list of 20 Things Filmmakers Should Never Do. We all know that there is no specific magic formula for success in filmmaking. Those that have achieved their goals have done so using a wide range of tactics and by taking a variety of paths.

However, there is a very clear and specific list of things NOT to do that can hinder your filmmaking, bust your budget, or even completely derail your career in the industry. Unfortunately, most of us compile our personal list of things not to do through expensive and morale-busting trial and error.

Listen in tonight with pen in hand as we share with you our candid observations of what not to do. The more of these things you know and learn the easy way - from someone else’s mistakes - the closer you will be to finding out your own path to filmmaking success.

Tune in tonight for another classic episode of The Double Down Film Show. No B.S. and no holds barred, just straight talk and practical advice from the grimy trenches of indie film from our lips to your ears...not just for your film, but for your film career.

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