Monday, March 1, 2010

"Madmen" Writer Bridget Bedard on the Next Double Down Film Show!

On the next Double Down Film Show we’ll have an open conversation with writer/director, Bridget Bedard.

Just five years removed from film school, Bridget now crafts scripts for two of the hottest new shows on the air, the runaway hit, Madmen, and the new series, Men of a Certain Age. Along with her writing colleagues, she recently won a WGA Award for Best New Series and was nominated for an award for Best Dramatic Series for her work on the first season of Madmen.

Bridget is a rare breed: a working female on a hit show in the heavily male-dominated writing segment of the business who didn’t have to work her way up from the bottom rung.

  • How did she skip the normal path to the writer’s table?
  • How does tv writing differ from feature writing?
  • What do managers do for you that agents don’t?
  • What did she learn in the “real world” that she didn’t in film school?
  • What are the pros and cons of writing in N.Y. vs. L.A.?

Find out the answer to all these questions, plus a

whole lot more practical wisdom and advice for aspiring filmmakers as we probe for the formula to a successful television writing career on the next Double Down Film Show.

By filmmakers. For filmmakers. No fluff, puff, or silly stuff…just the real answers you need to succeed every Wednesday night at 9pm. Listen and learn!

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