Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sh*t Never Ends in This Business

As most of you already know there is little, if any, glamor in filmmaking. (Fabricated studies have shown that for every 10 hours of ass-busting hard work you put into a shoot, there's about a minute of glamor somewhere on the back-end.)

Many times my students have complained about the difficulty, unpredictableness, and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants nature of making student film projects. And every one of them thinks it will be totally different and much easier when they get to "the big time".

I always tell them the same thing- no matter how big the budget, the difficulty and wild ride of filmmaking NEVER stop. Not for Francis Ford Coppola, not for Spike Lee or James Cameron either. Every minute you see up on the screen is usually hard fought on multiple levels- financially, physically, emotionally, logistically and technically.

Your best bet is to just plan well to anticipate and avoid problems, and then expect problems anyway. Accept them and deal with them, 'cause the sh*t never stops in film and tv...Not even when you get a job as a "big-time" news producer for CNN. So suck it up, and get used to the constant obstacles and adversity 'cause they ain't goin' nowhere...

Witness the behind-the-scenes of a simple interview for a major news network...

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