Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Straight From the Studios to Your TV...a Future With Less Middlemen

If you've been listening to any of the 30+ hours of free filmmaking advice we've been doling out every week on The Double Down Film Show, then you are already well aware that as I've been predicting and preaching on this blog since it started sveral year ago, the Hollywood middlemen of old (cable companies, networks, satellite providers, etc.) are being slowly, but surely, edged out of the picture.

Most of these operations produce very little if any original content. HBO and Showtime are the primary exceptions, but even their slates are heavily dependent on other people's products. Essentially, the biggest thing they bring to the table is an efficient delivery system..."the tubes" that get the product there to paraphrase kooky Senator, Ted Stevens.

Well now everyone has affordable access to these supply "tubes" in the form of the Internet and their old school distribution isn't nearly as valuable as it was when they were the only way to get your project out to a mass audience. It's an incredibly turbulent time for television and filmmaking right now...which means it's ripe with opportunities for independents if we pay careful attention.

Peep out Sony's latest gangster move to bypass some of those profit-skimming "tubes" to get product directly to the people. Direct to consumer film/tv distribution isn't the future anymore. It's the HERE AND NOW...

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