Monday, November 9, 2009

It's All About the A.D. on the Next Double Down Film Show

On the next Double Down Film Show this Wednesday, November 11th we’ll rap to Assistant Director, Greg Staley, who has helped to shepherd a dozen plus independent films through production over the years.

One of the unsung heroes on any set is the A.D. Hiring a good and experienced Assistant Director can be the difference between making the day and busting the budget or the difference between a well-functioning crew and a chaotic set. Few positions on set can have the impact to make or break a production the way the A.D. does, so understanding their role is vital to your project’s success.
  • What little production secrets do A.D.’s know that you don’t?
  • What type of temperament does an A.D. need?
  • Who’s on the typical A.D.’s team?
  • What type of logic goes into scheduling a big day?
  • When should you bring an A.D. onboard?
…The answers to these pressing questions and more will all be revealed on the next Double Down Film Show. Straight answers to real filmmaking problems from some of the best artists and craftspeople in the industry delivered straight to your ear every Wednesday night. Listen and learn.

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