Friday, October 9, 2009

Producer Monty Ross on the Next Double Down Film Show!

Our special guest on the next Double Down Film Show will be notable film producer, Monty Ross. Monty began his filmmaking career as an acting student at Clark Atlanta University where he had the remarkable experience of being classmates with the likes of Spike Lee, Jasmine Guy, Bill Nunn, and Samuel L. Jackson amongst others.

During a filmmaking career that spans from the 80’s to present day, Monty was one of Spike Lee’s first producing collaborators who co-produced Spike's films, She’s Gotta Have It, School Daze, Do The Right Thing, Crooklyn, Malcolm X and more.

  • How can what you don’t know work to your advantage?

  • What do talented producers look for when choosing directors?

  • How can you develop your own “do or die” attitude and methodology?

  • How can you choose the right project and director to work with?

  • What are the red flags of a potentially bad filmmaking partnership?

Monty Ross will give you his straight-forward advice and candid anecdotes on all of the above in this extended interview on the realities of pushing film projects all the way through from concept to completion with limited resources.

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