Friday, March 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes of South Park's Quick Turnarounds

Well into responsible adulthood, I am still a major fan of the animated show South Park. Yes, it's offensive, juvenile, and occasionally grotesque, but above all- the show is a damned funny (and sometimes even deeply reflective) running commentary on some of the biggest and most contraversial cultural issues affecting the country.

With regards to the latter, on many occasions South Park has managed to miraculously craft an entire episode around news events that happened the same week - and at least once even the day before - as in the infamous "About Last Night Episode" which aired the day after Election Night and somehow managed to incorporate President Obama's acceptance speech which had just aired less than 24 hours before South Park went to air.

I have always been perplexed and amazed by how quickly South Park could seize on a current news event and have it play out in animated parody with so little turn-around time. ( Didn't we always learn that animation was painstakingly time-consuming and slow filmmaking process?!) Surely creators, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, have some Down and Dirty guerrilla tricks up their sleeve to pull off such miracles of animation turnaround.

Click the link below to peep the very funny "About Last Night" episode and then check it out with director commentary about how the whole episode came together over 6 days. (BTW- ALL the South Park episodes are available online for FREE in their entirety at Thanks to Matt and Trey for years of making me laugh my ass off.

To view the full episode with commentary

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