Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apple Improves the Suckier New Version of iMovie

If you've followed this blog at all, you that I am huge fan and proponent of Apple products. It's not just that they are sexy and cool (which they are), but for me it's that they are stable, simple and extremely practical and easy to use. Rarely do I need to even consult a manual to get a new Apple product or software up and fully running...and I'm not that bright.

Substance - good fully-functional products - is always number one. (Think Volvo.) Style is fun and hip to look at, but annoying when it's not practical. (Think cheap iKea furniture.) However, when you find a way to successfully marry the two together - you've got a bonafide hit everytime. (Think the Mini Cooper, iPod, or The Daily Show.) In a nutshell, Apple does what I continually strive to do with Down and Dirty DV, which is marry substance with style. They generally do it consistently and well, so that's why I usually love their products.

But you lest you think I have a completey bias eye towards Apple, know that they are not infallible in my eyes. So I will share one BIG way that that I think they screwed up recently- and that is with the most recent incarnations of their editing program, iMovie. I have always loved and relied on iMovie to put together mostly personal projects such as podcasts and home movies.

iMovie's always been a greatly simplified, but powerful editor that had more than it's share of powerful professional features to pull off a variety of video projects, even some more complex ones. It's always the first place I recommend newbies start with editing.

That being said, my man David Pogue, Technology writer for the New York Times, just wrote a great article that sums up the virtues of the old stylistic and functional iMovie versus the last two versions which stripped away the most functional parts of this once beloved program. Anyway peep it out for yourself. He's much more eloquent than me...

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