Thursday, October 21, 2010

Netflix May Go Streaming Only...A New Blow to DVD's

On the Double Down Film Show, we recently introduced a segment entitled "Startin' Some Sh*t" where we do weekly anonymous "man-on-the-street" audio segments on some controversial debate in filmmaking such as "film vs. video" or "the future of 3-D cinema".

Last night during the show we posed the sh*t startin' question:

Are DVD's Dead?

Click below to hear the man-on-the-street response:

...My co-host, Pete Chatmon, and the majority of our interviewees felt like DVD's are mostly still alive and well and going nowhere soon. I see it differently.

As you know I already declared DVD's to be dead (at least on life-support, anyway) on this blog earlier this summer. And now it appears that Netflix may be doing it part's to pull the cord on DVD life support and speed up the process. (Good thing too, I've got a lot of bets riding on DVD's imminent demise.)

Read the NY Times Netflix article HERE.

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