Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Indie Team Behind "The Unidentified" on this week's Double Down Film Show!

On the next Double Down Film Show we’ll be breaking down an indie film case-study with writer/director, Kevan Tucker, and Producer/Editor, Tim O’Neill, the creative team behind the independent film, The Unidentified.

Although a narrative film, The Unidentified was completed for $130,000, partially-improvised and shot amongst real-life events including a massive anti-war protest in Washington, D.C. After winning multiple awards at festivals across the country including Best Breakout Performance, Best New Director and Best Feature. The film is slated to premiere on PBS this weekend.

  • What was the most pivotal thing to raising the money?

  • How do you get your crew invested in your film?

  • How do gather and keep project momentum?

  • What should you rely on beyond festivals for distribution?

  • How has the indie film marketing evolved in recent years?

  • Why is it important to show up at your festival screenings?

Break out your indie notebooks as we answer all these questions and many more on the next episode of the Double Down Film Show. We don’t just talk about making films, we talk about making careers in filmmaking. Listen and learn every Wednesday night.

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