Tuesday, October 12, 2010

D'you have what it takes to be an AD?

Applications for this years Assistant Director's Training Program recently opened up on October 1st. This program, part of the Director's Guild of America, is a legit two year stretch of hands on training on sets.

Is your interest peaked?

The DGA website makes no attempt to sugar coat the rigorous nature of the program once you're in.

A Trainee must be able to be on time for all calls and to stay on a set for long hours, in extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, snow and wind) with little rest time... Trainees are at the beck and call of the producers and directors ... seven days a week, 24 hours a day. A Trainee may be required to stand for long period of time, to run, to climb, and to lift and carry equipment.

In addition to all that ball breaking fun, you get seminars and counseling and special assignments and, yes, even monetary compensation. Then you graduate and can join the DGA as a 2nd AD!

BUT ... first you have to get in. And that's no easy feat. There are applications, written exams, interviews, etc. But a lucky handful get this top-quality, hands on opportunity of a life time.

D'you think you have what it takes?


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