Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Star Wars Series to be Released in HD...Finally!

Blu-Ray and Star Wars fans alike can now rejoice in the release of all 6 Star Wars films in Hi-Def on Blu-Ray DVD.

(I know I recently declared the Blu-Ray DVD to be dead - and it's on it's way. But to be clear, it is still alive and well at the moment. I was just giving an early "terminal" diagnosis based on acute symptoms of advanced video streaming technology, the astronomical growth of consumer streaming and generally late timing.)

In the meantime, before Blu-Ray DVD atrophy starts to set in, Star Wars fans with a Blu-Ray player may own and enjoy it in glorious HD for the first time at home.

As for me, I already own it in standard def DVD and am not a mega-fan, so I'm gonna wait for the option to just stream it in HD from "the cloud" and watch it on TBS-HD any weekend it's on (which is about every other as far as I can tell).

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