Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Toshiba Poised to Grab the Holy Grail of 3D?...Look Ma, No Glasses!

Peep this intriguing news item on the wire today. Reportedly, Toshiba's about to drop a 3D bomb on the new media landscape...A 3D TV that does not require glasses.

If they pull it off and it actually looks good, I think it will be huge boost to this budding market and solve one of the most annoying aspects of 3D (apart from the fact that it is - well, 3D, for many of you 3D haters out there).

If they have indeed really eliminated the need for expensive proprietary glasses to view images in 3D, Toshiba's gonna drop a straight-up bomb on the world of 3D TV and could rapidly speed up adoption by consumers. (Think what happened when Netflix figured out how to stream movies smoothly.)

For the record, I'm not one of the 3D haters or a major proponent of 3D at this point. I think it's been a bit gratuitous at times and over-used to it's own detriment. It definitely has it's place in filmmaking and should be respected as a valid storytelling tool. But I'm not rushing to embrace or condemn it until it comes of age.

The 3D that's been re-birthed in the last decade is still maturing. (Avatar is what grown-up 3D should look like.- A smoothly interwoven aspect of the overall good STORYTELLING.) All eyes on Toshiba...

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