Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grant Applications for Filmmakers: JT3

Hey guys, if you're a filmmaker with residency status in Brooklyn, NY or Washington, D.C. you should consider applying for a JT3 Artist Award grant. Two award recipients from last year are NYU MFA candidates, so you've definitely got a chance!

JT3 Art is taking applications from aspiring screenwriter/directors who demonstrate talent, passion, work ethic, and a deep-seated need to make art, but have room to grow and need this grant to help make that growth possible. Applicants must be residents of Brooklyn, NY or Washington, DC. At least one $2,000 JT3 Artist Award will be awarded, and the winning films screened at the annual JT3 Art Celebration of Young Filmmakers. The deadline for applications is May 7, 2010. More information on the awards program can be found at here.

Applicants must be US Citizens between the ages of 18 and 32. They should also be residents of
Brooklyn, NY or Washington, DC for at least one year from date of application.

Applicants must submit the following no later than May 7, 2010:
  • A personal essay
  • A resume
  • A short film of no more than 30 minutes written and directed by the applicant.
  • A screenplay – short or feature length
  • A list of any additional completed works or works in progress the applicant would like to have considered as part of their body of work. Works are not limited to screenplays and films.
  • Proof of residency
  • Signed release form

A full description of the JT3 Artist Award program including the application and the FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) can be found at http://www.jt3art.org

The Foundation’s History:

Jesse and Judith Thompkins launched The Jesse Thompkins III Foundation for Young People in the Arts (JT3 Art) in memory of their son, an aspiring screenwriter and film director, who died on August 3, 2008 in a traffic-related accident in Brooklyn, NY. JT3 Art will invest in the development of emerging artists who best embody our namesake’s tenacity in the pursuit of their artistic passion.

Art has the ability to revitalize and enrich world culture, yet emerging artists are often compelled to choose between advancing their artistic endeavors or supporting their basic needs. Too many talented individuals have to give up on their dream before they have a chance to take flight. We want to help change that. Our goal is to assist these individuals so they can devote more attention to developing their artistic gifts.

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