Friday, February 5, 2010

Guerrilla Film Marketing for Werewolves

My man, Sam Thompson, director of the Slamdance film, "There's a Werewolf in My Attic", who I met briefly at Sundance a few years back just launched a simple fun campaign to promote and sell his newest horror flick "Living Arrangements".

I'm reposting it here because I think it's an excellent case-study in no-budget film marketing, promotion and self-distribution. Making a a film you're proud of is great, but I think it's pretty damn pointless, if you don't also take great pains and efforts to make sure that an audience actually finds and sees it.

As indie filmmakers I think we should all be as saavy as Sam and come up with clever (not necessarily expensive or even overly-time-consuming) ways to get people interested in our projects. Congrats to Sam for fine filmmaking hustle.

Peep Sam's guerrilla marketing approach:

The Trailer for "Living Arrangements":

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