Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michael Jackson Rolls With The Red Camera

(photo: NY Times - By BEN SISARIO)

Just thought I'd share this picture of Michael Jackson with the much-coveted RED camera from the upcoming docu-concert movie, This Is It, which chronicles Mike's last days on this earth as he rehearsed for what would've been his comeback concert tour.

I have yet to see a major feature film shot on the Red (at least not that I know of), so I'm looking forward to seeing how it all looks and plays on the big screen. Please feel free to comment with a list/links of other upcoming features shot on the Red camera if anyone knows of more.

Peep the NY Times article on "This Is It"\


Thanx to Double Down Film Show listener, Tilden Jones for this link to other films shot on Red. Turns out the list is much longer than I thought:


Anthony Q. Artis said...

Someone left a comment supposedly linking to a full download of the just released "This Is It" movie which I deleted.

This is a site for filmmakers by a filmmaker. Film pirates and pirate supporters take food from our plates and degrade the work we do.

Illegal and immoral "full movie download" links are not welcome on Down and Dirty DV. We're guerrillas, not thieves.

Tj3 said...

What's up Anthony

Heard your shout on the show about seeing which feature films have been shot on the RED camera. Here is a link on of movies independent and feature films that were shot with this camera.

Here's the link:

Tilden Jones