Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Powerful New Short - 'Us: A Love Story"

Just wanted to give a share with everyone a short film that I recently had the pleasure of viewing. It's called "Us: A Love Story" and it's by a serious up and coming filmmaking talent and personal friend, Alrick Brown.

Some of you may be familiar with Alrick from the reality series, Film School, which chronicled a year in the life of four NYU grad film students. Well, Alrick has since graduated from grad school and "Us: A Love Story" is his thesis film which is just starting to make the festival rounds.

Interview w/ Alrick and his Short "Super N"
(chronicled in the IFC series, "Film School")

If it comes anywhere near your area, make the pilgrimage to check out "Us: A Love Story". Like much of Alrick's work to date, it's a powerful, thought-provoking and deep examination of race relations in America. It's the type of film that can make an audience uncomfortable, because it shines a magnifying glass and bright light on some deep and heavy cultural issues that have long since been swept under the rug. It completely skirts preachiness and simplicity in favor of unflinching unexamined truths about- us.

It stayed with me long after I saw it. And if it's a sign of things to come from Alrick, I look forward to a long career of provocative intelligent films. Keep your eye out for his will definitely hear it again.

Trailer - "Us: A Love Story"

Coming Soon to:

Garden State Film Festival
Asbury Park, NJ
April 2 - 5, 2009

Langston Hughes African-American Film Festival
Seattle, WA
April 18-26, 2009

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