Thursday, January 8, 2009

Announcing The Double Down Film Show!

In our ongoing effort to better serve our fellow filmmakers, Down and Dirty DV has teamed up with Double 7 Film to bring you yet another new FREE filmmaking resource...The Double Down Film Show.

The Double Down Film Show is an hour long experience of "real talk" about what it takes to get your project from script to screen and establish a career in film and tv.

Every Wednesday night myself and Pete Chatmon of Double 7 Film will deliver all of the production, technology, business, and motivational support that filmmakers need to achieve their filmmaking dreams.

Each week our guests include entertainment celebrities, leading industry thinkers, and hustlers on the rise. You are all invited to participate by calling in with your filmmaking questions, career concerns, and with questions for our guests.

We've all gambled on our own careers and dreams, but now it's time to double down, baby! We'll show you how every Wednesday night, so place your bets on The Double Down Film Show!

Time: Wednesdays - 9pm to 10pm
Call-in Number: (646) 929-1956

Listen to on your computer or phone live every Wednesday at 9pm:

Click the play button below to listen to our inaugural episode.
(*There is about 30 secs. of silence at the very beginning of the show, so be patient.)

1 comment:

Cecil said...

Good idea and show. I learned a lot. If you could put the info of the people you interview on the site's post that would be good. I know they mentioned it but I think it would be better to have a link to their sites.

Looking forward to the next ep.