Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FREE - Interview Bootcamp at B&H Aug.6th

Once again I will be rolling out some new premium seminar material at B&H Superstore Event Space in midtown Manhattan. This time up I will be giving a thoroughly engaging Interview Bootcamp. See event description below:

Down and Dirty DV's Interview Bootcamp - Weds. Aug. 6th - 11am -2pm

Come join us at the Event Space to hear the talented Anthony Artis give an A-Z overview of all the facets for conducting a successful interview from the technical practices of camera, audio and lighting to the practical techniques of planning and conducting interviews. This class is perfect for aspiring documentary filmmakers, small businesses, corporate videographers, and video journalists who are looking to expand and sharpen their skill set. After attending one of Anthony’s classes, you’ll walk away with a wealth of information and burst of motivation.

Joining Anthony will be Eric Drucker, from Lowel Lighting, who will be discussing different types of lights and how to control them so that we can use them to our advantage. Eric will demonstrate a range of lighting concepts using multiple techniques that will have you feeling confident about lighting interviews of different types.

Please understand that this is the first and last time that you will be able to get this full seminar live and in-person completely for FREE. Before I charge people for anything I like to test it out and tweak it to make sure that it is a superior value just like "The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide", so if you snooze, you lose. (I'll still be giving this seminar in the future, just not for free again.)

This is essentially much of the very same info that I teach to students in the Sight and Sound Documentary class at NYU's reknowned Tisch School of the Arts- only instead of over a full semester and at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, I'm gonna stuff and jam all the most important, succinct, and practical interview tips I can think of into your skull in the space of a few hours and for free...Not only that, but as an added bonus trainer, Eric Drucker from Lowel Lighting, will be there giving an interview lighting demo.

The B&H Event Space continues to be one of the best-kept little secrets around town. Every single month they give tons of free classes and seminars in various topics in photo, video, and multimedia. It's an incredible resource, especially for those of you who are self-teaching. All you have to do to go to any event is register. (Non-registered attendees will be permitted as space allows.)

Anyway, I hope to see you there. There will be a Q&A and booksigning of "The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide" to follow.

The B&H Event Space is located on the second floor of the B&H Super Store, located at 420 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001. If you are registered, please arrive at the Event Space entrance 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start.

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