Monday, April 28, 2008

Apple Launches Final Cut Studio World Tour

It probably comes as no surprise that, like many indies, I'm a major MAC and Final Cut Pro fan. (Full Disclosure- I'm also an Apple stockholder- about 2 shares.) Apart from the sheer ease of use and effectiveness of the FCP tools, I believe in supporting companies that support indie filmmakers.

And long before AVID finally wised up and got on the band wagon to offer affordable editing solutions to indies, Final Cut Pro came out of the gate as the editing solution for the rest of us - user-friendly and at a price we could actually afford. Several generations of FCP later and it's only gotten better and more widely accepted by filmmakers at all levels, even Hollywood.

If you're thinking about crossing over to MAC or adopting FCP as your editing suite, you might want to check out the Final Cut Pro Studio Tour coming to city near you to learn more about the latest incarnation of FCP that now includes the provacative new "Color" program for a whole new level of image control and color-correction.

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