Sunday, October 21, 2007

A good time was had by all at the "Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide" Launch Party.

As a result of the money raised at the door and raffle we will be providing a total of 75 "Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide" books to 3 diffrent NYC filmmaking programs for inner-city teens.

Here are the pix in case you missed the festivities:

Photos by Sonya Artis

Check out our Flickr Party Slideshow if you would like to see photo descriptions. (Just click "options-descriptions" on the bottom right if they aren't already turned on.)

Thanx to all our sponsors, Sutra Lounge, everyone who leant a hand and those organizations that helped to get the word out. Without your many contributions of time, talent, and resources this event would never have been possible. I am most grateful.

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