Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Power of Podcasting

These Kids Are Very Visible... ...thanks to podcasting. A few weeks ago I came across a podcast called "Invisible Children" that was set up by 3 high-school students (or possibly recent H.S. grads) that did a documentary of the same name.

The documentary is about children who are forced to fight in the war in Uganda. Like many other issues in Africa, the problem has largely been ignored in the U.S. until this incredibly driven group of young people decided that they would try to stop the war. How can 3 high school students stop a war in Africa you might ask? Simple... they started by harnessing the incredible power of podcasting to drive a national campaign to raise awareness of the issue an raise money.

Their efforts are chronicled in regular video podcasts which feature scenes from the doc which is still being cut and behind-the-scenes footage of their hustle to make it all happen. (You can also subscribe to the podcast by searching iTunes podcast directory.) Apart from the power of podcasting, "Invisible Children" also represents a great case-study in guerrilla video activism. These young filmmakers who want to make a difference started with a little doc and expanded their efforts into podcasting, house parties, town-by-town public screenings, merchandising, a national tour... even a video musical to raise awareness of their issue.

Follow their case-study and make a donation at the site. It's worthy cause and just may rekindle that idealistic young filmmaker that still lives somewhere deep in your soul.


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